FOX air fork rebound clank

I have adjusted the spacers in my f29er Fox fork from 80 mm to 120mm. I am experiencing a clank on the rebound. Is this due to not having enough oil in the top end? Any thoughts as to why this clank is occurring? And what weight oil should I use and how much in order to slow down the rebound as to alleviate the clank? Thanks for your insight.

Pressure: 115 psi. Rebound: One click counterclockwise from all the way counterclockwise.

Hey Chris,

For this question I engaged Mark Fitzsimmons at FOX Racing Shox. He knows some stuff about suspension. Fitz says:

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115psi is too much pressure unless the guy is racing 4x or weighs 200 pounds. As for the rebound, he should be running 4-6 clicks out.

For example, I weigh 165 pounds with gear and run 70 psi. Rebound about 8 clicks out.

If he makes these changes the noise will go away.


Mark Fitzsimmons
MTB Race Manager
Fox Racing Shox

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Thanks Fitz!

— Lee