Losing weight off a bike

I first off want to tell you that your book is awesome!!!!!! I secondly wanted to ask you a question about the best ways to lose weight off a bike? I have an Enduro that I got upgraded with double track rims and a Marzocchi 66 fork What are the best ways to lose weight off the bicycle for a small rider?


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Dude! First of all, don’t put Double Tracks and a 66 on an Enduro!!! Way overkill — not an upgrade, unless you’re a Freehucker from Hell.

If you’re small and not super aggro, you can roll some light XC wheels. Also, I recommend a FOX 36 TALAS. It’s lighter than your 66, and you can adjust the travel for climbing.

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  1. Ryan says:

    66 SL is actually about the same weight as the 36 Talas. It’s pretty darn liglht if indeed that is the model you have…………worked great on my SX-Trail. Loved the travel adjustability. That said, my 36 Talas is pretty sweet too, I likem’ both the same.

  2. Geoff says:

    Other ways to shave the pounds.

    1) Road Cassette in the Rear
    2) Run a SRAM Road Chain (if you don’t Break them)
    3) Cranksets, go with external bearing BB, ie Shimano LX or Hone
    4) SRAM Blackbox Carbon Components (brake Levers, Derailer, shifters)
    5) Carbon Bars by Easton
    6) Get a lightweight I-beam seat and seatpost
    7) Mavic XM-321 rims have held for me to be light and strong

  3. Austin says:

    Depending on your terrain, get sub 850g tires non supertacky tires (60a center tread),
    if you have the legs go 1×9 drivetrain w/ Gamut chainguide (super light)
    Thomson stem, EA70/Protaper bars,
    DT Swiss 5.1d (500g), Syncros DS28 (540), Funn XLRater (520) rims

  4. Verdadero says:

    A wise man once told me that it is far easier to drop 10lbs from the rider than 1lb from the bike………I need to drop about a whole Enduro’s worth.

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