Is my Mavic rim dead?

Short answer: Yes.

Hello Lee!
I have a very important question to You:) I have Mavic mx 321 on Shimano Saint’s hub(rear wheel). Yesterday I saw that on connecting of rim, there is a gap;/ it is possible that my rim is wrecked? I didn’t hit any bail or something, I ussual ride smooth and quite carefull. Beside it’s strong wheel..I don’t know what to do? I was talking with my friend, he told me that it’s normal, and I can fix it by straining spokes. Can I ??
Please take a look at the photo.

Thanks !!! And sorry for my english;)

Hello my friend,

That rim is dead.

Mavic makes excellent rims, but some of them tend to crack at the seam. I’m told Mavics are very stiff, and they are more likely to crack than bend. The crack will get bigger, and your rim will get weaker. Also, you won’t be able to run a tubeless tire.

Last year my rear DeeMax did the same thing in a race run — no crash, no huge impact. I lost the air from my UST tire, and it cost me several hundred dollars in prize money, not to mention a fun run.

I got no love from the Mavic support truck. They said they couldn’t help, that I should send the wheel to Mavic through my dealer. By the time I paid for (and waited two months for) the replacement, I was extremely annoyed.

So, yeah, your rim is dead.

— Lee

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