Improving traction on wet wood?

Hi Lee,

Here’s a question for you or other readers out there. What do you recomend to make wooden surfaces less slick in a damp environment? I’ve seen chicken wire but I worry about sharp edges puncturing tires and people, especially after some rusting.


Metal mesh, Whistler style. The riders seem to damage the mesh more than vice versa. Rider: Doctor Brandon Sloan.

Hey Tjaard,

Chicken wire or metal mesh seem to be the standards. If you fall off an elevated bridge, I think you have more to worry about than the wire.

I’ve also seen people cut hash marks into the wood or add little slats for texture.

I suppose, too, that good construction will minimize the need for traction. As long as the surface is leaning with the tires, traction is optional (sort of).

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— Lee

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