I’m 12 and I want to race 4X


I want to race in 4x but I’m only 12. What do the ages for 4x start and would body armor be okay to where. I have SIXSIXONE full bravo carbon full face helmet, SIXSIXONE race knee/shin gaurds, Fox Launch suit, and a specialized hardrock sport disc.

What’s not to like? Keith Darner’s ranch in Nathrop, CO.


It sounds like your equipment is dialed.

Age groups depend on the event. The smallest races do a beginner 18 and under class. The more juniors who race, the more classes there are. In the Mountain States Cup we have Jr. Beginner 15-18, 13-14 and 12 and under. The sport is growing out here! Check with your local race promoter.

Practice your core skills, especially gate starts.

Check out this article from Aug. 2005:

So you wanna race 4x?

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  1. Wayne says:

    As a parent of a racer, I can say that the hardest thing to do is to get your kid to wear adequate protective gear. Your parents have an obligation to try to make sure you are alive and well when you turn 18. If your mom is losing sleep worrying about you then you will have a hard time convincing her to let you keep racing.

    Full face helmet is a must. My son lost a permanent tooth at age 12 because the helmet was not full face. The cracked jaw healed by itself. When he was in his teens he preferred Dainese body armor, bibs and jacket, not the one piece. On a hot day it will not be comfortable, but it may save your body.

    Never practice alone. A broken collar bone can cause you to pass out. At least our son’s friends knew where to look for him when he was late.

    There are more than a few ER rooms with a file on my son.

    I never objected to the cost of protective gear. Sometimes we had to settle for less than top of the line bike parts due to budget constraints.

    I don’t want to scare a young rider away. Some of the most enjoyable days of my life were spent as a spectator at the races. I don’t get to do that very much anymore.

    I here chicks dig scars. 😎

  2. Joss Dewaele says:

    There are likely more BMX races in your area than 4X, and there are definately more 12 year olds racing BMX than 4X. Find your nearest BMX track, contact the race promoter, and find out if they have a mountain bike class. If the don’t, you may want to think about a BMX bike.

    If you want to race 4X, BMX is the best thing you can do for your core skills. All of the best 4X racers have a strong BMX background.

  3. Brian Bartholomew says:

    BMX tracks are a really good place to learn how to ride. You get to do gates and ride/race right next to people which will help out a lot when you race mtx. There are bmx tracks all around especially compared to mountaincross races. Go to ababmx.com and nbl.org and search for tracks near your area. You can race your mountain bike in the cruiser class.

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