New design, baby! began in September 2003 with just a boy and a dream. OK, a boy, some bikes, a computer and a dream. Four years later, 40,000 of you are visiting this site each month, and it’s time to step it up!

The fine folks at Mayfire rocked this action. It just went live, and we’re debugging right now.


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  1. Chris Haynes says:

    What the hell happened? My initial thought was that I had gone to the wrong site. Look is so generic…..sup?

  2. Chris Haynes says:

    I’m trying to look at any new stuff you have posted. But, there is no date on anything….Sup???

  3. Estes says:

    Looks like the Pinkbike bug is all over the place……..looking stellar Lee. When is the winter strength training tips coming in?

  4. Tysen says:

    So far I prefer the old style. It felt smoother and simpler, more appropriate for the not particularly complex organization of your site.

    I actually like having the link column on the right because it puts it next to the browser windows scroll bar, which is helpful on a laptop with out a scroll wheel.

    That said I saw some stuff on the Mayfair website that seemed nice: logos mostly, the adverts were pretty standard. Then again it’d take a lot to make me like anything overtly commercial.

  5. Dean says:

    dude…what happened? where did the love go? i hope ‘debugging’ means reconsidering the new design! sorry bro.

  6. Eliad Goldwasser says:

    I agree with the opposes. The design seem kinda dated… My two cents are. Use a visual designer. use bigger fonts (both for titles and content.) The small fonts are so 90’s

    Good luck brother.

  7. nathan says:

    i think your pics — in your banner and of the books –are “aliased” and would look more pro if resized nicely.

    and i wish you’d keep the add x+y anti spam filter 🙂

  8. Chris says:

    I think Lee is being sneaky. Remember the Leelikesbikes jersey design? Well I bet Lee doesn’t want to redesign it so he is conditioning us to this color scheme. That way he will get less grief from us than last time.

    Lee, a little suggestion. Perhaps the menu on the left should not be in alphabetical order. I mean, the top priority of this site is most definitely ‘Skills/Training’.

    And I agree with Nathan on the spam filter, only makes the maths harder: “If you roll into the transition of a six foot lip that has a final angle of 60 degrees, how many rungs up an eight foot ladder (rungs 14″ apart with the first rung at 10″) should a 6’1” photographer be standing in order to be level with the Panther on the bottom of your 5.10s when you perform your famous ‘no-foot double can-can to bell-ring’?

  9. Josh L says:

    Hey Lee,
    First off, thanks for everything. Love the book and am so thankful you have this site out there. I usually peek in here about once a week. When I saw the design change, I have to say I was really suprised, and not in a good way.

    I’ll start with the positives – I like the “this site goes to eleven” dial. It’s cool. Also, the colors aren’t bad. Sorry, but that’s it.

    The Negatives – Please tell me you guys just tweaked the style sheets of the old template and didn’t actually redesign the site to this. The old look and feel was dated and generic, but this new style still looks like a boring template. Actually, I shouldn’t even use the word “style” because this doesn’t have any. The navigation and the site in general are chaotic. It hurts my eyes to look at it. Sorry, but I think you took a step backwards here Lee. It may be different, but it’s definitely not better.

    Of course, I only say these things because I love this site and greatly appreciate what you do. Good luck.

  10. leelikesbikes says:

    Thanks for all the comments. We’re working on a few refinements.

    Chris — you’re right. I started with a jersey design … 🙂

  11. Jonas says:

    I preferred the old design, but I think I can get adjusted to the new one. However, I lost the leelikesbikes rss feed and can’t find it on the new site, doesn’t it exist anymore?

  12. Sacha says:

    Special thanks to those who offered constructive criticism. We tried to combine a clean look and keep it readable and offer a lot of content in a small space. It’s not perfect, but I think a many levels it’s a success. Sorry to disappoint those who preferred the old site—what’s not to love about purple?


  13. leelikesbikes says:

    Thanks Sacha! I like it more and more every day … and these colors sure will look *sweet* on the side of the Sprinter!

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