Please comment on the new Valmont Park

All you Boulder-area riders, PLEASE go to the City of Boulder’s website to support cycling options (cross, bmx, trails, and DJs) at the new Valmont park development. This is a great opportunity — let’s rock it!

Check out the design options and send your comments here:

Talking Points For Your Letter

* I support support cycling at Valmont.

* Create an interconnected system of purpose-built mountain biking and cyclocross trails that includes a variety of trail styles to meet the needs of a wide range of riders. These trails can be available for skiing and running too.

* Locate all cycling facilities adjacent to each other in a linked system of loops. The bike terrain park should be located nearby.

* Seek the input of professional trail designers and local riders to craft the final design. I, Lee McCormack, volunteer to help.

* Include a pump track in the skills area. This is a safe, fun way for all sorts of riders to develop skills and fitness. Refer to the Pump Tracks section of

* Maximize hills: The cycling trails and bike terrain park should make maximum use of existing and/or constructed hills.

* Don’t put streets through the park.

* Build it as soon as possible.

Additional Information:

Our goal, working in partnership with the City of Boulder Parks and Recreation Department, is to build and maintain a permanent off-road cycling facility at Valmont City Park. Intended for mountain biking, cyclocross, dirt jumping, BMX, and other off-road riding and racing, the facility should consist of an integrated network of natural- surfaced trails, a mountain bike/BMX terrain park, a start/finish venue, and appropriate trailheads. Theexact location and design of the facility is flexible and should be developed by a team of community stakeholders, city staff, and professional consultants.

We intend not only to advocate for this vision, but also to provide a permanent partner to the city and to share in the long-term stewardship of the facility.

Cycling facilities at Valmont would be of benefit to thousands of Boulder residents, not to mention cyclists from outlying areas like Longmont, Louisville, Broomfield, and beyond.

Most importantly, it would provide a safe location for kids to learn about cycling, participate in clinics, and even get started with racing.

We hope to create a compact yet varied collection of trails and open areas to appeal to off-road riders of all ages and all abilities. The facility would be open to the public on a daily basis, but also offer pre-scheduled closed-course racing, race training, instruction, and other events. The project could be developed in phases, starting small and growing as resources allow.

The concept of off-road cycling facilities at city parks is a growing trend. Variously known as bike parks, bike skills parks, or adventure parks, these playgrounds are popping up all over˜and riders love them. There are more than 30 purpose-built public bike parks in the U.S. and Canada, and this figure doesn‚t include privately owned bike parks or bike facilities at ski resorts. In Colorado, different types of bike parks have been built in Fort Collins, Eagle, Colorado Springs, and Gunnison.

Please send any questions to Pete Webber or Bobby Noyes

Yeah, let’s rock this thing!

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