Identiti 666x Pro for 4X racing?

Hi Lee,

I’m thinking about 4x racing, i’m currently have a Identiti 666x Pro, would this bike make a good 4x racer and would it being a single speed, be a good idea to upgrade to a 8/9 speed. Would i get my ass handed to me if i stay single speed?

Many thanks

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Hey Shaun,

That’s a great bike for jump, park, race and whatever

You’ll get waxed with a single gear — unless you have the torque of a bear and the spin of a humming bird. Yeah, add gears.

I’m racing this weekend in Nathrop, CO. Super stoked!

— Lee

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  1. shaun says:

    Excellent stuff =p well now i know i must go buy parts.

    Good luck for this weekend to.

    let us know how you get on.


  2. Trevor says:

    gears!!!, or u will get left for dead!!

    think 36t front and a narrow road cassette with road mech on the back
    i run 12-25 10spd with a road flat bar shifter and dura-ace mech light and super close ratios! works for most UK causes

  3. Jonas says:

    If the rules don’t demand gears I would stay with single speed and take some cogs to the races. I know only a few people that shift during a 4X race, in fact most people I know run the same gear on every course.

  4. Bob Burnes says:

    The 666X is a great jump bike and a fair 4X bike. The ID team prefer the Krisis and they run them with 9 speed road cassettes. If I were you, I’d run gears. Single speeders get eaten alive, even though the might get a good gate, they just can’t hang when things speed up.

    If you feel like 9 speeds is just too much, you can always space them out. Use three spacers between the hub wall and your tallest gear and you’re flying high with a six speed. Use one spacer and now you’ve got eight gears to choose from. You have to continue using a nine speed chain and shifter of course, but you’ll save some weight and you’ll keep the chain straighter. (Make sure you adjust your rear derailer!)

    The best part about gears???If you don’t want to shift, or the course doesn’t dictate you shift, then you don’t have to. However, if you find yourself on a track that you feel you could use a taller or smaller gear on-well…go right ahead and shift!

    However, if I ever get a chance to line up at the gate with you-please, use the single speed 🙂

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