All fogged up: glasses inside goggles

Hey Lee,

I also wear glasses and constantly have the problem of fogging while wearing goggles. I use anti-fog lenses in my goggles and they stay nice and clear but my glasses still fog up constantly. I’ve tried anti-fog sprays and every home remedy (rubbing a layer of bar soap on, etc.) but nothing works. Any ideas?


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Hey Taylor,

I wish I had a great answer for you, but I struggle with the same issues. Too bad contacts hate my eyes, and I can’t do Lasik ’cause my vision keeps changing. Thoughts:

– I sometimes run anti-fog on my glasses, and that seems to help.

– My optometrist Dr. Cross, who works with elite cyclists, says sports glasses are a compromise between coverage and breathability. More coverage means more fogging; less fogging usually means less coverage. If you’re running goggles, you don’t need coverage with your glasses. Try your smallest, farthest-from-your-face Rx glasses. I have the most luck with my little Poindexter glasses.

– Keep your goggles clean. Dirty foam isn’t permissive with airflow.

– Cut holes in your goggle foam, to increase circulation.

– Try the Scotts with the exhaust fan.

– Man up and get Lasik.

Good luck. Any other ideas out there?

— Lee

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