Super D tires?

Hey man – great book! I had question on Super D tires – do you run XC type tires or DH type tires? I race on my 575 and I usually run 2.35 regular tires with stans (saves a lot of weight over UST). What do you usually ride?

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Hey Stan,

You’re on it like a comet. I run XC tires with tubeless — they’re fast, semi-light and almost flatproof. This year I’ll be rocking UST 2.3″ Specialized Resolution Pros. They have hard, fast center tread and soft, exposed side knobs. I say that’s perfect.

Other trail tires — Minions, Nevegals, Mutano Raptors, etc. — rock too.

BTW: I’ve been running all winter in prep for the LeMans starts. It’s ON!!!

— Lee

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