Super D tires?

Hey man – great book! I had question on Super D tires – do you run XC type tires or DH type tires? I race on my 575 and I usually run 2.35 regular tires with stans (saves a lot of weight over UST). What do you usually ride?

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Hey Stan,

You’re on it like a comet. I run XC tires with tubeless — they’re fast, semi-light and almost flatproof. This year I’ll be rocking UST 2.3″ Specialized Resolution Pros. They have hard, fast center tread and soft, exposed side knobs. I say that’s perfect.

Other trail tires — Minions, Nevegals, Mutano Raptors, etc. — rock too.

BTW: I’ve been running all winter in prep for the LeMans starts. It’s ON!!!

— Lee

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  1. m-dub says:

    You doing the Sea Otter? I saw the helmet cam. Looks like you would be better off with drop bars and slicks. Fast fire road, mass start and nothing to break up the field? Could be some carnage.

  2. leelikesbikes says:

    Yeah Sea Otter!

    I’m skipping Super D though — DH, DS, coaching my dudes and talking to 1000 people are plenty.

  3. Norcal says:

    Super XC… That race makes super D look really bad. Now all new people to super D are going to think super D is a pac-race with road bike tactics. Super D was suppose to be a race that takes more skill then lungs. Super D at Sea Otter has a drop of 580′ that takes over 9 minutes. You do the math. Super D + road bike = lame…..

    Pay UP Wimp! Thats the new Sea otter program…

  4. anthony says:

    They obviously spread themselves too thin at Sea Otter. They should work first on improving the quality of the existing events before adding yet another one (has anybody seen COMPLETE results from ’06 pro DH yet?). Accurate timing and rankings, PAYOUT, designing drainage features into the slalom and DH and 4X courses, and things like contigency plans for the course routing when it rains are all things that can improve the quality of the event.

    Super D courses are difficult to host. The venue really needs to be suitable, more so than for a DH course. You can’t just dig in a course, it’s too long and there are too many requirements. Existing trails with challenging terrain and enough elevation drop are required. Laguna Seca probably isnt the best suited for it (but maybe it is if you look hard enough?).

    The Super D course seems like an afterthought. It seems like they committed to having the race before they had a course laid out, then all they could come up with while satisfying all of their constraints (scheduling, course intersections, etc) was this uninspiring route. It’s just a gently descending flat fireroad, I wouldn’t want to ride it for fun, why would I want to race on it? They should have instead just cancelled the Super D. I won’t be paying the ridiculous entry fee (plus extra for a shuttle!?) for this lame race, but nobody is forcing me to so I won’t whine any more about it. I’m just pissed that this racing format really isn’t developing the way it should. Refer to MegaAvalanche in Europe, Downieville DH, 12-mile Super-D in Ashland Oregan as models.

  5. Curtis says:

    They could have made a much better Super D course. They just chose not to. How about putting the DH course in the middle of the Super D? How about some singletrack anywhere? Boycott the horrendous excuse for a race. Spread the word. DO NOT RACE THE SEA OTTER SUPER D.

  6. m-dub says:

    Anthony said it in one sentence ” I wouln’t ride it for fun” Its the kind of course I climb to get to the good stuff.

  7. Chris says:

    the only time that I would ride the course is when I was watching it in the PC, I wont even bother watching it a second time.

  8. Chris says:

    what a sorry excuse for a race course……who ever designed that course needs to be drug out in the street and shot!

  9. pFizzle says:

    You folks couldn’t find fun if it bit you in the ass.
    Everyone that rode in the super d had a good time. The course wasn’t technical, but it was plenty fast and the racing was fun.

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