I just hurt my shoulder. What now?

Hey Lee. I just wrecked big this past Sunday at Dakota Ridge (near Golden, CO). I am doing the usual ice, ibuprofen, and rest routine, but I was wondering if you had any secrets regarding shoulder rehab. I don’t think I tore or dislocated anything, but there is definitely some deep tissue damage. What would the pros do?



Hey Gabe.

Most pro mountain bikers would keep riding and hurt themselves worse. That’s because most of them aren’t exactly sensible, well balanced people.

Do as I say, not as I do:

– Continue your ice and IB.

– Rest! Let the inflammation go down. Otherwise, it’ll hurt like hell, you’ll ride poorly and you might make a minor injury worse.

– Before you resume ripping, make sure your shoulder feels perfect. In the mean time, ride the trainer or on the road, and do some light range of motion exercises (if that doesn’t hurt). If you have any doubt, see a doctor.

Shoulders are frail, and — believe me — you don’t want to start a chronic condition. I’ve had shoulder surgery, and it SUCKED — and that shoulder still hurts. It will forever.

Be patient,

— Lee

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