Hucking with Erin Huck

Fun session this week with Tokyo Joe’s pro XC racer Erin Huck.

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Pro XC racer Erin Huck nails the drop on Valmont Bike Park’s large slopestyle line. This moment was the result of systematic work on balance, range of motion, pump track, rocks and smaller drops. Erin is off to some big races in the East. Remember: Fun is fast!

If the pony tail is resting, that’s a sure sign of smoothness. It’s all about the pony tail!

Know more. Have more fun!

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  1. WAKi says:

    Huh respect!

    They’ve had even bigger drop off at Petermaritzburg XCO, along with some serious rockgardens and steeps, all looking like they got to ride a part of DH course. Top girls were hitting those at speed with confidence – XC went some away from fireroad derby for sure! That track was gnarly, top riders loved it, and some were very angry that it was too dangerous… well organizers provided chicken lines

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