Hike. Ride. Repeat.

The Fix monkeys and I have been getting strong and ripping [sic] trails.

Place: Left Hand Canyon OHV Area

Reason 1: Pushing a downhill bike up 1,600 vertical feet of rocks makes you strong like bull.

Reason 2: The trails are gnarly and totally legal. When the other trail users are driving Jeeps through creeks and shooting at the No Shooting signs, we’re pretty low-impact.

Up, up, up. Depending on your fitness and pain tolerance, the climb take 60-150 minutes.

Whew. Neal, Evan, Mike, Joey, Yosei and special guest Matt from Team Mojo Wheels. if you want to be the best, you train with the best … =:0

Joey: Hey Evan, which way will you go? Evan: Straight …

… like this!

Neal reels it in before a rock drop. Watch him direct the braking force into his pedals.

Mike rips it on my Enduro.

Last year Dylan was precise. Now he’s even more skilled — plus he’s fast.


Don’t … look … right!

Ben does the dance. Cha cha cha.

That was sick. Let’s do it again!

Evan says BRAAAAP!
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