Sea Otter deluge

This was so traumatic, it’s taken me a month to tell the story.

Our camping area was a yucky mud pit. On Friday, a full-sized camper got stuck just uphill from us. Dudes with trucks and winches failed to pull it out. The next morning, the Laguna Seca crew brought out a tractor, which itself got stuck. Whatever. I practiced downhill then returned to camp. The tractor was gone. All good, right?

I sat on my van porch and started peeling off my gear. Just then — WHOOSH — a wall of water flowed right into our camp. It was fully Biblical: Just a mass of aqueous ill humor cleansing the sins of the campground.

Apparently the tractor nicked the water main. When someone turned on the switch, it became time to round up the animals and board the arc.

Bobbi Watt found a shovel, and Jon started digging a mote around our camp. I took a picture first, then I dug in with my Specialized floor pump. Nice shovel, that pump.

Kablooey! A natural spring? I think not.

This deluge is sponsored by SRAM Bicycle Components.

Just 40 more days and nights …