Local moto adventures

We have so many amazing trails near Boulder, I have a new mission: Exploration.

I live by those two lakes.

Braap braaaap braaaaaaap!!! Up a steep, baby-head double track, then all of a sudden it opened up like this. Sun setting, angels singing.

Not every climb goes according to plan. Motos are so sweet — until you become the engine.

Tough climb. Neat view. Sacha.

Like riding a 200-something-pound mountain bike.

David is straight-up crazy, but he cooks tasty ribs.

BTW: After six months, my CRF450X is no longer new. I’m on my third set of tires, and part of the engine case is held together by JB Weld. Bent radiator guards, broken hand guards, and don’t even ask about the plastic. But that’s what it’s for baby!

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