Here’s to sucking less

Part of the continuing saga …

A few years ago I realized (well, I was shown) that my sustained power and climbing ability pretty much sucked. Too many years as a downhiller, too much coaching, not enough riding, non-exciting genetics, blah blah.

While I suck at lots of things, I generally try to suck less, so I committed to 1) embracing pedaling as a skill, 2) learning more about training, 3) focusing on my steady-state power and, this year, 4) creating and following my training programs.

So far this “off season” I’ve hammered 12 weeks of Pump Up the Base, and I’m in week 5 of Prepare to Pin It. At the same time, I’ve been doing two quality strength sessions per week under the guidance of master trainer Erin Carson at RallySport Boulder.

I’m feeling pretty darn strong. You know I love stats, so:

20-minute time trial
LeMond Revolution trainer
Ultegra SL-equipped S-Works Tricross

Jan. 18 – week one of P2PI
Average power: 240 watts
Average heart rate: 153 bpm

March 4 – week five of P2PI
Average power: 301 watts
Average heart rate: 152 bpm

25 percent more power with the same heart rate = pretty rad. Before I started PUTB in fall, I was down near 220 watts, so my total off-season improvement in sustained power is more like 36 percent.

I’m still not a great climber, but I’m starting to suck less!

What do you suck at? What can you do about it?

— Lee

Know more. Have more fun!

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