Helmet cover to keep bugs out

Good Morning Lee!

I got your email address from your column in the Boulder Daily Camera, and I’ve got a question from a coworker. She finally found a helmet that fits right & light, so she doesn’t want to buy a new one. Problem is bugs. She’s looking for some sort of a mesh helmet cover or something that will keep the bugs out of the helmet vents. Any suggestions?


Hi Fred.

Killer Death Frog from Planet Subdural Hematoma. Maybe bugs would avoid this frog?

Back in the late ‘80s I had a sweet day-glow pink helmet cover. It had mesh on the front and back that would definitely keep bugs out. But the color probably attracted bees.

I can’t find anything like that online. These days, helmet covers seem to be either for winter riding or for gags. You can get covers that look like brains, frogs and goodness knows what else.

IDEA: She could tape little pieces of window screen inside her helmet. Many glues will eat up the foam, so start with tape and reluctantly escalate to Elmers.

Hope that helps.

— Lee