The Big Fall Adventure

The Brick (aka Sportsmobile Sprinter) contains a P.3, SX, Enduro, Demo and CRF450X. The next few weeks should go something like this:

– Coach and race at the Keystone Climax this weekend. I’ve visualized myself all the way to the pro/semi DS slalom final. We’ll see how that goes. I hope Jon Watt can handle the disappointment. The Fix monkeys and all my clients are going to kick ass.

– DUDE! A 2007 Enduro SL frame just arrived. Stee Wentz is gonna build it tonight! Also, I have a fresh P.3 for Pump Track Worlds. See below …

– Drive west, writing copy for the 2007 BMW motorcycle catalog as I go. It’s super sweet, but it’s taking all my kung fu.

– Half-day clinic in Reno, NV.

– Drive to Auburn, CA. Ride moto with my friend Jason, who is a bad ass.

– Biz meeting in Marin for a massive web job. I used to be the information architect for; that skill still pays more than bike riding!

– Ride Mark Weir’s pump track. He’s expanded it tremendously. “Lee, I’ve seen all those big pump tracks on yor site, and I don’t like ’em. I want to have the biggest.” Classic Weir. Pump Track Worlds!

– Teach a three-day clinic to a beginning female DHer.

– Visit the folks at FOX, Specialized and Gamut.

– Ride Santa Cruz sweetness with the local tough guys: Lars from Trail Head Cyclery, Brandon and Jim from Specialized, and the rest.

– Teach a two-day clinic to a bunch of recreational riders.

– Drive to OC. Visit my parents.

– Ride moto with Lopes. Ha! His superhuman strength will do him no good!

– Meet with Oakley and a few others for an upcoming project. Still on the top secret style.

– DH clinic at Southridge with a bunch of racers.

– Visit Curtis Keene at his new home in Arizona. Ride bikes or motos. I vote for motos. Keene’s superhuman strength will do him no good!

– Back to Boulder around Sept. 21.

So it’ll be your normal easy-going road trip. I’ll post as much as I can from the road.


— Lee

PS: Thanks to everyone who has bought the ebook Welcome To Pump Track Nation. I hope you’re digging it. Ha! Digging.

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