FOX Vanilla, Float or TALAS?


I really want a 5″ Fox fork for my 2003 Specialized Enduro but CANNOT afford $700 for a new one. So what’s the difference between the Vanilla, TALAS and the Float??? Which would be a better match for the Enduro, and if I got a used one, what years are good?? And what were the improvements from like ’04, ’05, ’06?

thanks!! Brian

P.S. my budget would have to be about $300 unfortunately …

Hey Brian.

Vanilla – coil spring, the plushest but heaviest
Float – air spring, not as plush, but lighter
TALAS – air spring, adjustable travel, least plush

I’ve run all of them on older Enduros like yours, and they all rock. A Float feels light and snappy; a Vanilla feels like a mini DH bike; a TALAS is sweet for long, steep climbs. Every year is good. For $300, get any FOX you can find at that price. You can’t go wrong.


— Lee