Hardtail for pump track and riding around?

Hi Lee,

Quick question. A few years ago I purchased a Specialized P2 for my pump track hoping it could additionally be used for some trail riding and commuting. I am 6’1”, and even with a long-ish aftermarket seat post it still feels like I am riding a BMX bike 8 miles to work. It rips on the pump track!

I want to try again, and end up with a hardtail bike that will kill on the pump track and be large enough for comfortable seated pedaling.

Ideas? Thanks, Kirk

Hey Kirk,

Looks like you’ve missed all the discussion on this matter. Briefly:

• Get an XC or all-mountain hardtail frame.
• Build it like a dirt jumper.
• Make sure you have full seatpost adjustment.
• Ride ride ride!

I’ve been riding just this bike — Captain America! — for a year, and he’s pretty rad. As a matter of fact, on Saturday I rode The Captain to a clinic, Gymboree then home (about two hours of pedaling). This morning I railed him on my pump track. The only change was seat height. Versatile braaap!

A year on Captain America

Check out: A year on Captain America

The Captain in fun mode at the FOX pump track.

Know more. Have more fun!

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  1. WAKi says:

    Kirk If you won’t find anything and you would be keen on adventure and having something nobody else has, let me know. I am designing a custom hardtail to be made soon, just for that specific purpose: pumpable XC bike. Main characteristic: short 16″ chain stay – lowish BB, long TT, large volume tyre clearance (minion 2.5″) adjustable dropouts for SS compatibility and custom butted 7020 alu (should land slightly over 3 lbs) We will do 3 frames only as it will be a prototype, so let me know in case 😉

  2. Rob says:

    Always read but never comment. My current hardtail is built exactly for this purpose…Redline Monocog Flite, steel frame, short chainstays, lowish standover, Pumpable XC bike for sure! And they are cheap and can be had in 26 or 29, run single speed or geared.

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