Handlebars: low, medium or high?

Lee, sweet bike and the MMBSii photo is pretty rad. (See what he’s talking about.)

Random question: bars. Low, med, high? Looking for something a little wider than my current setup and I remember being super-comfortable right away on your P-bike and the SX.

Eric (who did some skills clinics with Lee)

Hey Eric,

If I were you I’d get the same rise, just wider.

There are too many variables — body dimensions, flexibility, bike geometry, stem, riding style — to answer this any other way. But it’s a great question for another time.

My 2010 Stumpy (below) has low-rise bars and a very low Point One Racing 70mm stem. The resulting bar position is bit too low for seated climbing but perfect for aggressive descending.

Overall, my MTB bars are getting lower and closer to the BMX ideal. This is from Pro BMX Skills:

Rip it!

— Lee

BTW: I have all 250 pages of Pro BMX Skills roughly laid out. I’m so excited to get that book out.