Great book, is there a video?

Hi Lee

Bought your book when I randomly found it on the internet (got to admit, it having the words ‘Brian Lopes’ on the front cover helped persuade me!!). I got into MTB aged 40, two Christmas’s ago when I decided it was time to get fit and keep up with my son (11) so bought a cheap XC bike. In the 18 months since I’ve lost 20lbs (and way more £££’s!!) and am now into dirt jumping and downhill!

Mastering Mountain Bike Skills 2nd Edition has been the first MTB ‘how to’, whether in print or on the internet that has actually helped, everything else, particularly magazine articles, seems too obvious and doesn’t tell you much you don’t already know. Your ‘light on the bars, heavy on the pedals’ has revolutionised my riding! I can rail berms I was washing out on and hit doubles that made me crap my pants…I now think of my bike kinda like a skateboard, I ride it through the bottom bracket , not through the handle bars, no more fruitless heaving on the handle bars to clear a double, just weight the pedals, push into the take off and hey I’m over!! The style is also very ‘readable’, honest and down to earth. I’ve recommended it to loads of people, some who have been riding for years…Thanks!

Have you done a video of this book? If not you should…put me at the top of the list! If I could afford to come to the States for some of your coaching sessions I’d be there yesterday!!

Thanks again

Brett N.

PS: If you’re ever in the UK check out our DH tracks (, you’d be in good company, we’ve had Aaron Gwin, Chris Kovarik, Sam Pilgrim, Tracely Mosley and many other top class pinners come and ride them! I’m just pleased that after a year’s riding I can now clear each track without falling off…!

Hey Brett,

Thanks for the kind note. I’m stoked to hear the coaching kung fu is coming through in the book — that was the mission, and it’s gratifying to get this kind of feedback. Dude, making these books is so hard. So many hours with your nose to the grindstone, wondering if it’s on track, hoping people will “get” it.

There’s no video yet, but that’s on the [long] to-do list. So is a world tour. Gotta get out there before The Twins start school.

BTW: Pro BMX Skills goes into may more detail on pumping, manualing, jumping and other BMX-y skills. It shows how top BMXers interpret various track features — and that kung fu, as we all know, translates to natural terrain. If you like MMBSii, you’ll probably dig PBS.

Quote of the week: “I’ve lost 20lbs (and way more £££’s!!)”


— Lee

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