Gary Fisher GED upgrades?

Lee, I am looking to convert my ’05 Gary Fisher GED into a better pump track / dirt jump rig. The main thing is the fork, right now it has a 130mm Marzocchi Drop-Off. I’m thinking of swapping it for a 100mm fork, like the Marzocchi 4X. What other forks should I be considering? Anything else you would recommend to make this bike BRAAAP! on a pump track?
Thanks for the cool site, Tom

Hey Tom,

I would leave that bike pretty much the way it is.

– According to the specs, the stock bike with the 130mm fork has a 70 degree head tube. A shorter fork would steepen the geometry in a bad way.

– You could get a lighter/tricker 130mm fork for that bike, but I don’t think it would be worth the cost.

Here’s what I would do, in this order:

1. Your Marzocchi Drop Off has adjustable air preload. Make that as stiff as you can.

2. Make sure you have some light, fast tires. For pump/jump I like XC tires with closely spaced center knobs and widely spaced side knobs. WTB Mutano Raptor, Specialized Resolution, etc. Pick your favorite.

3. Looks like that bike comes with a 70-90mm stem. Get a 50.

4. If you’re losing your chain, go to a single ring setup. GAMUT guides rock.

These changes will make your GED work very well. If you want a truly excellent pump/jump bike, get a new one from one of the good companies: Specialized, Norco, Staats, Black Market, Transition, etc. The geometries are dialed these days.

Pump it up!

— Lee

2005 Gary Fisher GED.

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