Frame size for tall pump/urban/trail rider

Great site Lee.

My buddies and I are getting more into pump tracks. Most recently we just laid the groundwork on my friends backyard pump track. Its already starting to take shape nicely.

I have a question about bikes. I’m 6′ 2 and I’m trying to figure out what kind of frame to build up. I love Yeti’s so the long Yeti DJ comes to mind. I have also been looking at the Santa Cruz Chameleon. I guess I’m looking for a bike that I can ride the pump track on, but also do some urban and light trail on. Being tall its hard to decide what size is right. Is there a good rule to follow for pump/urban bikes. Like maybe one size down from what normal sizing would be?

Any suggestions?


Hey Ian,

If you want a do-all pump/jump/urban/trail bike, get a DJ hardtail with a top tube the length you usually ride for trail/errands. A 50mm stem will instantly make the bike more braaapable.

For extra-quick handling, or if you can’t get a DJ frame that long, go with a shorter top tube. An inch is noticeably shorter. I got a short P.3 while they still made them, and its TT is about an inch shorter than my typical XC ride. The short bike handles great in pump/jump conditions, but the longer one would feel better on road and trail.

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