Frame size for tall pump/urban/trail rider

Great site Lee.

My buddies and I are getting more into pump tracks. Most recently we just laid the groundwork on my friends backyard pump track. Its already starting to take shape nicely.

I have a question about bikes. I’m 6′ 2 and I’m trying to figure out what kind of frame to build up. I love Yeti’s so the long Yeti DJ comes to mind. I have also been looking at the Santa Cruz Chameleon. I guess I’m looking for a bike that I can ride the pump track on, but also do some urban and light trail on. Being tall its hard to decide what size is right. Is there a good rule to follow for pump/urban bikes. Like maybe one size down from what normal sizing would be?

Any suggestions?


Hey Ian,

If you want a do-all pump/jump/urban/trail bike, get a DJ hardtail with a top tube the length you usually ride for trail/errands. A 50mm stem will instantly make the bike more braaapable.

For extra-quick handling, or if you can’t get a DJ frame that long, go with a shorter top tube. An inch is noticeably shorter. I got a short P.3 while they still made them, and its TT is about an inch shorter than my typical XC ride. The short bike handles great in pump/jump conditions, but the longer one would feel better on road and trail.

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  1. MW says:

    Im 6’2″ and ride a large Chameleon. Its my Dual Slalom/pumptrack/muck around with the boys rig but with the 410mm Thomson post, slammed most of the time, and a seat tube of 18″, I can get the seat high enough to ride some trail also. Not perfict for trail riding but works. The new one comes with EBB so you can slam your BB heigh to rail corners or run a single speed. Kinda cool. I built mine up when I built my pumptrack and now it gets tons of action not including the track, they are just fun to rip.
    Hope that helps.

  2. Curtis says:

    I’m 6’4″ and ride a medium chameleon with a 60mm stem and would not wish a trail ride on that thing to my worst enemy. Get a large. On the dirt jumps, the medium kills it, but it’s brutal on the back when riding trails.

  3. Karl Rover says:

    I’m 6’2″ and ride a 2007 Santa Cruz Chameleon (XL) as my singlespeed, trail bike. I find the Santa Cruz bikes ride small, so I went with the larger size. With a FOX Vanilla fork and 80 mm stem the bike rips in the singletrack and is easy on the back. Check the top tube length on the Santa Cruz website to compare it to your existing frame.

  4. cmc says:

    Atomlab Trailking Frame

    BTI part #: AL-9751
    vendor part #: 1FRM301B
    bottom bracket: 68mm
    size: 11.5″
    seat angle: 70 deg
    front derail: 28.6mm
    chainstay: 14.5-15.5″
    top tube: 23.5″
    seatpost: 26.6mm
    headset: 1-1/8″ Integrated
    color: black
    head angle: 69 deg

    A 26″ frame that handles like a 20″, ideal for Jump, Park or Pump Track Bottom bracket box-gusset and contoured seat tube allow for shortest possible stays 4130 butted, gusseted CrMo tubing with 135mm OLD horizontal dropouts
    Integrated headset (41mmx45deg) sold separately
    English threaded BB (no ISCG chain guide mount)
    International Standard 51mm disc mount. 5.2lbs

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