Fork for Intense Tazer VP?

Hi Lee,

I am building up an Intense Tazer VP and I am torn between building it up with a Fox 831 or a 120mm Float. I ride rougher terrain with braking bumps, trail trash, and a lot of jumps (i.e. Carlmont, CA). At first, I was dead-set on the 831. It has stiff valving that works great in berms and jumps, but I am not sure that its 100mm of travel is quite enough for gnarlier downhills. The Float with its longer legs would be better for the rough stuff, but the out-of-box valving might be a little to spongy for pumping. I am not as concerned about plushness and bump absorption as I am about having control in turns and jumps and having the bike track straight. I am 5′-11″ and I weigh 175 lbs if that is any help. I also race BMX. Thanks a lot. -Rex

Hey Rex,

The Intense Tazer frame is made specifically for dual slalom, 4X, pump and jump.

The Fox 831 fork is made specifically for dual slalom, 4X, pump and jump.

If you’re gonna get a special weapon like that Tazer, I think you should go all the way.

Advantages of the 831 vs. a 32mm Float 120 in this application:

• More appropriate geometry. The Tazer was designed for a short-travel fork.

• Stiffer chassis. The 831 uses the same chassis as the long-travel 32mm forks.

• Firmer valving that should more closely match the tune of the shock.

• A more progressive spring rate. That means you can enjoy plushness in the chatter yet have strong support in high-G moments.

I’d ridden 831s on pump tracks, dirt jumps, slalom and trail on both Captain America and my P.3. I am 5′ 8.5″ and 175 lbs. The 831 on my P.3 has about 100 psi with the low speed compression set near the middle. The resulting setup tracks very well in the messy stuff but has incredible support and pop in the pumps and jumps.

Watch this
World champion 15X BMX racer Collin Hudson tears up the lower Valmont pump track on my P.3. I handed him the bike, he took 0.1 seconds to adjust to the suspension and wheels, then he rocked these amazing laps.

Said Colin: “Greatest hardtail I have ever ridden.”

My special edition “P.PUMP” is made with:

• Specialized P.3 frame
• Fox 831 fork
• Specialized 2.1 Fast Trak (front) and Renegade (rear) tires
• Shimano XTR brakes
• Gamut chain guide
• SRAM Rise 60 carbon wheels

You can see the 831 fork provides plenty of support for an extremely powerful rider. HOW ABOUT THAT NOSE MANUAL!

I used to ride Carlmont quite a bit. You’ll love your 831 Tazer there (and at Sea Otter dual slalom!).

Rip it!

— Lee

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