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Hey Lee,
I have finally decided that I want to get some sort of dirt bike but not sure what to get. I am 5’7″ and 135 lbs. and I have been riding bmx, slalom, mt cross and dh stuff for a long time (i am 37) but have never ridden a dirt bike. What I want most is a fun bike that is also reliable. I am not planning on doing big jumps or anything probably mostly more like trails and maybe some little table top jumps at most. Stuff at Metcalf and Hollister. I was thinking of a ttr125L, any ideas?
Thanks, Brian

Just say BRAAAP and click it baby!

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Hi Brian,

The TTR125 is a great little moto. Lots of MTB guys ride these because they’re about the size of a bike, very reliable, and have enough power for plenty of fun. Mark Weir rides one. Brian Lopes used to ride one for trails. He says riding a little moto is more like riding a mountain bike than riding a motorcycle — that sounds perfect for you.

You can get a used TTR cheap.

If you want more performance out of the box, look at the CRF150. It’s the same layout at the TTR, but with much more pop. The new 2007 CRF150R is a full on race bike, just small. Brandon Sloan at Specialized rides one at both Metcalf and Hollister (in Norcal), and he loves it.

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Rock it,

— Lee

2005 CRF450X, 2006 CRF250R
Now that I’m comfortable on a big bike, I probably won’t go below a 250.

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