First moto for MTBer

Hey Lee,
I have finally decided that I want to get some sort of dirt bike but not sure what to get. I am 5’7″ and 135 lbs. and I have been riding bmx, slalom, mt cross and dh stuff for a long time (i am 37) but have never ridden a dirt bike. What I want most is a fun bike that is also reliable. I am not planning on doing big jumps or anything probably mostly more like trails and maybe some little table top jumps at most. Stuff at Metcalf and Hollister. I was thinking of a ttr125L, any ideas?
Thanks, Brian

Just say BRAAAP and click it baby!

Weir rails his back yard in ’05, before he caught Pump Track Fever. Full story and VIDEO: Hanging with Mark Weir

Hi Brian,

The TTR125 is a great little moto. Lots of MTB guys ride these because they’re about the size of a bike, very reliable, and have enough power for plenty of fun. Mark Weir rides one. Brian Lopes used to ride one for trails. He says riding a little moto is more like riding a mountain bike than riding a motorcycle — that sounds perfect for you.

You can get a used TTR cheap.

If you want more performance out of the box, look at the CRF150. It’s the same layout at the TTR, but with much more pop. The new 2007 CRF150R is a full on race bike, just small. Brandon Sloan at Specialized rides one at both Metcalf and Hollister (in Norcal), and he loves it.

Lopes rips a CRF150 that’s been tricked out by BBR. Full amazing story

Rock it,

— Lee

2005 CRF450X, 2006 CRF250R
Now that I’m comfortable on a big bike, I probably won’t go below a 250.

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  1. m-dub says:

    The CRF150 is a blast! I spent most of my life racing motocross and switched to MTB 10 years ago only using moto for training. I Raced a Play bike National a month back and railed a 150 to a podeum. Just because they are smaller they still can fly (35′ Tables and brused wrist and ankles to prove it). I got roped into it by a riding buddy who gave me his daughters bike (totally stock). Just happened to end up in the Open class next ot full blown BBR team riders. Truth be told, my pump track helped my moto soooo much (thanks Lee). They have very little power next to the BBR machines, but railing corners and keeping my speed kept me in the hunt. Mountain bike training for moto is the future:) Im 6’2″ 190 and my buddies said it looked like Bigfoot stole a bike. I have raced nationals from coast to coast from arena-cross to open class desert races and I have to say its the most fun I have ever had racing a moto. Sorry for the ramble. A TTR would be perfict for you and being 135 you will have plenty of get-up. Best thing is if you ever out grow or want more power they hold ther value very well. Also there MTB like fell will be a easy transition. Have fun and BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRAP!

  2. doug render says:

    I don’t think you want a ttr125 as your only bike. Sure, it might be fun in some circumstances, but I don’t think you’ll find it very versatile. And honestly, it’s the lowest priced bike in Yammi’s line for a reason. Real low grade components.

    My wife has a ttr225 which is only slightly better. It’s fine for her, as she is by no means an aggressive rider. Yeah, I can have fun riding it and it CAN be ridden fast, but you’ll have a lot more fun with a bike that’s designed for the type of aggressive riding you already do on a bicycle. A KTM 200 EXC is a good choice (unless you live in california). Small and nimble for a moto, top quality suspension and brakes. Get a used one. Unless they are abused, the KTM two strokes are damn durable.

  3. Robyn@ProExotics says:

    hey Lee, enough with the Moto stuff! i am ALREADY walking a fine wife line with my collection of pedalers, the LAST thing i need is more sweet write ups on fun moto life and how “cheap” it is to get into motos! $3000 for a basic burner, plus all the fancy pipes and “racey” accessories, trailers, haulers, new gear. yeah, the wife would really be “stoked” on another $15,000 hobby!

    i won’t do it! i won’t do it! i won’t do it! i am going to keep repeating that to myself…

  4. leelikesbikes says:

    Hey Robyn, you wouldn’t like moto.

    – Speed
    – Cool machinery
    – Braaap

    Naw, not for you … 🙂

  5. Evan says:

    Funny how that seems to always make the list, no matter what. Here’s a for instance: I had the most amazing Ensalada de Mariscos the other day on the beach in Puerto Vallarta. It was tasty green leaf lettuce with several types of seafood and quite delicious. It had all the thing I look for in a light lunch:

    1. Good healthy eating
    2. Amazing tasty delight
    3. Braaaap

    Yeah, it was that dang good. I promise.

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