Enduro SL: Worth the wait?

I am still waiting on an enduro sl. Specialized is pissing me off, they just will not give me a direct answere to when my bike is coming or what the hold up is. If they would just say it will be Feb. or March that would be fine, but it is always next month. I am very frustrated and wondering is the bike that great or should i just get a Heckler? You are the only person known to have one what is your oppinion?

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Hey Jim,

I’m sorry about the hassle. Building your own suspension is really tough! I’m at Brandon Sloan’s (product manager for Enduros) house right now, but he just took off to test Rock Shox in Santa Barbara; otherwise I’d ask him what the deal is.

I really like my Enduro SL (currently with FOX suspension). Saturday I rode an SL with the latest Specialized fork and shock, and it was great. Compared with mine, it’s much more quick and efficient — XC style. But I assure you I wrung it out pretty hard, and it rocked. 🙂

A single-pivot Heckler and an FSR Enduro aren’t comparable. If you decide to pull the plug, go for the VPP Nomad. That’s an excellent bike, and a fair substitute if you lose your patience.

Don’t know what else to tell ya,

— Lee

This just in …

A few days ago I said, “Enduro SL Experts will be in this week, with the higher-end models following afterward. The bikes are built, and they’re on their way.”

It turns out that was too simplistic a statement. Specialized is doing everything it can to get the bikes delivered — and to make sure they’re perfect. That last part is the trick.

Apparently there are a zillion variables and dependencies. First this then that, but only if the other thing too. Sorry about the vagueness. Hang in there, and — I have say this — if you’re really Jonesing, a Nomad, 575 or 6-Pack will do the trick.

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