Does this BMX bike fit me?

Hello Lee,

I hope all is well with you and your wife + kidlets!!!

I’m thinking of getting into BMX and was wondering if you can take a look at the pic below and tell me if this bike is too long for me. I’d like to get the right size bike to start with. I’m 5’3” and this is an Intense Race Pro XL with 21” Top Tube. It does feel a bit too big.

Thanks, in advance, for your advice.


Hey Ramon,

Glad to see you’re out there getting some. The way things are looking, the kids might be here much sooner than expected. We’re trying to keep ’em in there as long as possible. No sense barging the gate!

OK, here’s a page out of Pro BMX Skills. It shows how some pros fit their bikes.

Please don’t ask when the book will be done. Kids first. Then finish MMBSii. The finish Pro BMX Skills.

And here’s you on that Pro XL.

Yes, that bike is too long for you. Look at the angle of your arms compared with Chris, Greg and Jason. Try a Pro size.


— Lee

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