2009 Pump Tracks Worlds Invitational – for real

This week the world’s best are competing at the UCI Mountain Bike World Championships in Canberra, Australia. That is awesome and I wish everyone well.

But the real contest goes down Wednesday on a local backyard pump track. 30 top pros. 10 timed laps. $4,000 up for grabs. Game on!

BTW: $4,000 Australian is about $3,400 U.S. More than decent!

The flyer:

The post on dirtmag.co.uk

Our man Chris is working track-repair duty. I’m hoping for a report.

Marla Streb’s Worlds-winning V10 – My buddy Jason is selling it on eBay. Is speed contagious?

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  1. John says:

    I can’t believe I live in the next suburb and I know the host’s boss and the only way I’ll see it is on the interwebs 🙁

    Oh well back to being a track marshall and helpful pointers from the visitors.

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