Differentiation: Specialized Enduro vs. Ibis Mojo

Our man in NorCal wants to expand his quiver, but he needs to know his two bikes are different enough to justify each other.


I ride a 05 Enduro with DHX 5.0 air shock and Maverick Duc 32 up front. I built this to be a do-it-all-bike so it could climb well and be good for the epic all day ride. As I have gotten better at using the full capabilities of the bike (Corral and Brail Trails at Demo) I am morphing this into a real all-mountain machine and want to get a Ibis Mojo for the blast fast rides.

I bought a Van 36 for the Enduro, put a XT double ring on it with a 24/36 and mid cage XO.

I am planning to put the XTR triple crank from the Enduro onto the Ibis with the long cage XO and the Maverick Duc 32 Fork.

I am confident I am going to be happy with the set-up on the Enduro. What do you think about the Ibis? I have Mavic 817 rims with Ti spokes on the Enduro so will swap out the front wheel (Enduro to Ibis) and build the same for the missing Ibis and Enduro wheel.

Thoughts?? Will the bikes be enough different? Will the Ibis work with the Maverick 6″ travel fork? I had it tuned up by Maverick and it is plush initially but ramps up nicely.

Randy Prout

2005 Enduro with a chain guide: Oh so capable.

Hey Randy,

Dude, I love Corral and Braile at the Demo Forest! I first rode Corral in 1993 and Braile around 2000 … those were the days!

– Sounds like your Enduro is now dialed for aggressive trail/all-mountain/freeride. You’ll be able to wring that thing out on the steeper, gnarlier descents. Oh man, you have to RIP Braile! And take it up to Montara Mountain while you’re at it.

– Get a chain guide for your dual rings. You’re riding a mini DH bike, and it needs a mini chain guide.

Ibis Mojo
– The travel and geometry of an Ibis Mojo are analogous to a Specialized Stumpjumper.

– Yes, the Mojo will feel different than your re-tooled Enduro, especially if you give the Ibis XC tires and the Enduro DH tires. You can ride that type of Enduro way past the durability limits of XC tires. Every time I’ve tried to lighten my Enduro tires, I’ve gone back to burly.

– As for the DUC 32 fork, I’m not sure. Chances are it will be fine, but I would check: 1) the height of the DUC compared with the stock FOX 32 FLOAT, and 2) that the dual crown fork won’t void your Ibis warranty.

– To enjoy the full benefits of your expanded quiver, you’ll want your Mojo to run at the stock geometry. A too-slack fork will make it feel more Enduro-ish, and a too-steep fork will feel sketchy — especially down Braile.

It’ll be interesting to see which bike you ride more often. There’s a lot to be said for a light, quick trail bike. And there’s a lot to be said for a full-aggro all-mountain bike. By the time you haul your carcass to the top of the Demo, you might be wishing for the Enduro. But at a flatter place like Saratoga Gap, the Mojo would rule.

Tell me how it goes!

— Lee

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  1. Randy Prout says:


    I put the 36 VAN on the Enduro…..I can’t tell you how much better it is than the Duc 32. Way stiffer, way more plush, way smoother and instills more confidence. I also shoretend up the stem to 50mm and raised it slightly. It rocks! I dialed OUT my pro pedal (per a different thread by you) and like it. Stiffer and more predictable.
    I do have a Heim tripple guide and Chunder 2.3’s. I don’t feel like the tires are limiting me yet. I am getting nervous that I will just want to ride the Enduro.
    Mojo is being built and about a month from being done.

  2. Randy Prout says:

    I got the Ibis last week and have ridden it three times. My first feeling was fear. What if I don’t like the Ibis after dropping serious coin. I took it on my favorite local single track and to Skeggs. The Ibis feels like a sports car. Quicker acceleration, quicker turning, stiffer both vertically and laterally and feels like I am riding more over the front wheel. I notice that the front end wants to stay planted both going over water bars and rough stuff. I clearly had much more juice in the tank after riding hard for 1.5 hours and was able to work my friends that are riding heavier machines. (ML-8 and Enduro Carbon)The enduro I can manual much easier. The Enduro is more forgiving and installs more confidence in rocks and ruts. Very different rides but both are great. The problem now is which one do I ride!! Next stop Braile.

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