Clinics with the CHOICE Program

63 students in the CHOICE Program at Platt Middle School in Boulder are doing their final project on Fruita trails later this month. They’ll give presentations and ride bikes and have a lot more fun than I had in middle schol. This week I taught them how to ride their bikes more safely (and to do cool skid-outs).

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It was 63 kids, split into three groups, spread over three days. Whew, that was a lot of moving parts! But it was a great chance to hone my teaching curriculum, and to stoke a bunch of monkeys.

We learned about position, braking, cornering, riding over bumps, manuals/hops and skidouts — oh yeah, skidouts!

Showing the monkeys how fore-aft movement affects your bike. Pre-loading forward for a tasty bunnyhop.

Yeah slalom!

After a few laps the kids were ripping!

Listen to Zach; he knows what’s up. Zach helped on Day 1 — thanks man.

The keys to switchbacks: 1. Line up wide, 2. Look through the turn …

… 3. lean your bike and let ‘er roll.


Yes, you CAN ride over a curb, or rock or whatever — as long as you’re in the right position.

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To brake effectively, you gotta get your weight WAY back and press into your feet.

I remember giving Zach this speech …

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