Basic bike for big guy

Hi, I am just doing my research on a new bike and came across your article on what you considered a big guy riding that kept breaking frames. Well I am 280 lbs and want a bike to ride down simple trails and roads with my kids. I was looking at the Iron horse Maverick 3.0 and the Norco Mountineer … not sure which one would work best for me? Also the guy at the bike shop has me worried I will bend the back axle on these 2 bikes just going off a curb and suggested the Norco Bush pilot which is a little more thant I want to spend. Is there another bike that you could recommend that is around the $400 mark. Thanks

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Hi Sean,

At that price point, most bikes are similar. As long as you’re smooth, the bike will hold up fine. When it comes to impact forces, speed does more damage than mass.

Crazy 100-lb kids are harder on bikes than mellow 280-pound adults.

— Lee

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