Carbon or aluminum Enduro SL?

Ok, so, since my last post, I have decided to go with a size “large” Enduro SL. With a laid back seat post, the ride felt just right and it is going to haul balls on the downhill.

My new problem is deciding between either the Expert model (aluminum), or the Carbon Pro Model (not s-works). Because this is coming from insurance, money isn’t too big a factor. What is your opinion about the FACT 9M carbon frame, and do you feel that it is really worth the price premium? Or will the aluminum expert model be the best bang for the buck?

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Hey Adam,

I asked the man himself, Brandon Sloan over at Specialized, what difference a rider would notice:

Hey Lee!!

So the differences that a rider would notice would be weight, stiffness and a feature or two…

Carbon is lighter (I was going to say obviously but some companies actually make heavier carbon frames than the equivalent alloy versions- we do not).
Carbon: 2200g
Alloy: 2480g (painted…lighter if anodized)

The carbon is also going to be stiffer (up to 20% depending how you measure). The extra stiffness is certainly something the rider will feel.

Lastly, the alloy Enduro comes with ISCG mounts where the carbon does not.

The both have to pass the same test standards (our mid-level Enduro testing) but the carbon is actually stronger.


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