Good times: Yeti Spring Series #1

After another fantastic weekend at Darner’s ranch, the reports are getting repetitive: fine weather, fun courses, great people, peak experiences, yada yada yada.

Real quick ’cause I’m leaving for Sea Otter …

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Saturday Dual Slalom

Darner’s course was fun last year, but a few built-up berms and mega rollers added even more braaap. This slalom track requires a complete blend of power, flow, BMX and MTB.

130 pounds of fury … Chris Boice rips!

Flowy up top, flat at the bottom.

Evan Powell, in his JrEx debut, chases Fast Shawn Neer into the Pit of Despair.

Practice made perfect. Matt “The Warrior” Ripley looks around this gate to the double ahead.

These flat turns separated the BMXers from the mountain bikers. It felt so good to bash right through them — rat tat tat!

BRAAAP! Evan rockets into the Pump Track of Death. These rollers were big and steep, especially at speed.

He’ll break you, then he’ll put you back together. The Esteemed Doc Branney crushes it.

I live for this sort of thing. My smooth qualifying run seeded me 8th in pro/semi. Stoked.

Super Joey Schusler rails his new SX.

The peaks were shrouded in clouds, but all was clear on course.

Proof: In the round of 8, I stayed with #1 qualifier Boice into the last berm. I actually pulled him on the flat turns, but then I blew up. Oh well. I brought everything I had — and I used a bit more.

Sunday Mountain Cross

We rocked the Original course, which is ridiculously fast and flowy, but which allows little room for passing. I could session this track all day.

It’s all about the first turn.

Scheming. I got boxed out off the start, and here I am scheming a low-high pass on Alpha Bill TeSelle. It didn’t work out, but you gotta try these things.


The Mighty Keith Darner. Dude, thanks so much for the courses, the hospitality and the love.

World Parking Lot Slalom Championships. Me and Steve Wentz.

Code name: 530. Thanks so much for sharing this adventure, taking the photos and being so dang cool. The weekend was fun and inspiring and fulfilling; you made it even richer.

Coming up: Yeti Spring Series #2, April 28-29. It’s a great time; come on out!

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