Budget bike: Mountain Cycle San Andreas?

Hello Lee. I’ve been looking for a good all mountain frame for riding on new england trails (very rocky/rooty). I’m on a tight budget and noticed the Mountain Cycle San Andreas is on sale cheap with a Manitou Swinger 4 way.

Have you ever tried this frame? It’s been around a long time (I’ve lusted after one since the early 90s), but I can’t seem to find any reviews. Any suggestions? My budget is no more than $900. The San Andreas is $699.

Thanks, Eric

Hi Eric.

Now it’s a classic, but in the ’90s this was the SH–!

The San Andreas Classic has indeed been around forever (Now there’s a San Andreas DNA.). I’ve ridden one a few times, and I spent three years on a Foes Weasel, which is similar. I rode that Weasel everywhere: epic XC rides, jumps, DH races — heck, we were freeriding before the term existed.

These days there are much better-performing frames, but I gotta say: The best bike is the one you get to ride. You can save for an Enduro, Nomad or 6-Pack, but you’ll have more fun on that San Andreas — if you buy it now!

Rip it,

— Lee

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