Braking in mid air, v2

Hey Lee,

I was wondering what are the benefits of braking in the air, or what is the purpose?


Hey Zach,

You can use your rear brake to drop your front end. This is an advanced move, and you should use it with caution.

It’s better, most of the time, to control the bike’s attitude with your arms. Stay balanced over your pedals, and let the bike rotate below you. Click on the photo series at right. –>>

DO NOT use your front brake in the air.

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Cool. Have fun, and stay on your feet!

— Lee

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  1. WD says:

    Ditto. Using the rear-brake will drop the front-end. A good thing to practice for when you HAVE TO use it (like steep doubles) but don’t get in the habit of using it. Much better to flow over the jumps and control the bike w/o using the brakes. And weird things happen when you grab the front too–I think it’s cause you loose the gyroscopic effect the wheels give you.

  2. Dan says:

    It is kinda like the exact opposite of a panic rev in motocross, and sould only be used in the exact opposite but often times eerily similar situation. If you are unfamiliar with the term panic rev it is often times the sound the engine makes before a rider cases or overshoots a jump(ask Lee for clarification). One more thing about gyroscopic effect, the faster you go the powerful the gyro becomes consequently the more it affects you when you grab the breaks in the air on faster jumps. In short you do not need this technique to jump but it is handy to know especially at racepace.

  3. MW says:

    I tap the rear brake quite a bit on my moto but found it really isnt as effective on my MTB. I guess there is alot more going on with a moto plus its doesnt take nearly as much body english to effect a MTB.

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