BMX birthday party!

This might be even sweeter than Chuck E Cheese.

Yesterday we rocked a private BMX session at a local track.


Dacono BMX in Dacono, CO. The track was recently rebuilt for this summer’s national, and it’s sweet. Big, peaky features and BIG, paved berms!

Dad (John Brown) rented the track for three hours. Everyone enjoyed food, drink and — of course — kung fu skills.


Jack – 7X (birthday boy)
Marco – 9X
Max – 10X
Phaelen – 8N

John, thanks for the photos:

Get your butt back … Heck if three out of four kids are listening to me, that’s pretty good!

Frank Vogel, dad of two racers and the engineer behind Maverick bikes, has some kung fu of his own. Thanks Frank for helping me run this show.

Ok, so you do it like this …

The earlier your kids learn safe, scalable riding technique, the better. Everyone showed immediate improvement — and these kids were already fast.

Like a needle in cotton … make your core hard and keep everything else soft.

Says John:

“Great to have you work with our kids yesterday. Thanks.

They had a great time, picked up speed and continued to hone in their Kung Fu. We will definitely be circling with you in the coming weeks about tune-ups throughout the summer.”

Get your own BMX skills:

For BMX skills sessions or get-togethers email me at We can work at Valmont Bike Park, Dacono BMX or elsewhere.

For tons of BMX skills info, check out the book Pro BMX Skills.

Know more. Have more fun!

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