All-Mountain sizing for a tall rider

You’re a tall fellow, and everyone tells you to get the XL. But would an L be better?

I just got a specialized enduro elite 07′ model. I have a 75 mm specialized pro stem with the +13 attachment inside and it feels and handles alot better with this shorter stem (it came with a 105).

I’m 6’3 and the guy at the shop and several others told me to get an XL so that is what I got. My question is: Do you think I should have got the Large? Would the smaller wheelbase on a large be better going over dips and such? I have long arms and legs and I dont really feel streached out on the XL.

I got on a large at the shop the other day and it felt kind of ok but the guy there still said I did right getting the xl. If you have seen the xl enduro it is big. What are the good points of being on it? Does the longer length help keep from going over the handlebars on dips? Please tell me what you think. Thank You


You can ride either size Enduro.

– The L will be more flickable and quicker-handling on the downhills.

– The XL will be more stretched out for climbing and more stable on the downhills.

Since you already have an XL, keep it. Try a 50mm stem. That’ll give you better handling, and you’ll still have that long wheelbase to help you through the bumps and dips.

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This concept applies any time you’re weighing two sizes. Longer is more XC-able; shorter is more braaapable. A longer bike with a shorter stem is a great compromise.

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