Air Force Academy: Go Neil!

Left Hand Canyon

Vans Skate Park. This isn’t all that high, is it?


Basic Cadet Neil Grigsby
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  1. Neil says:

    Hey Lee!

    Basic is going all right, this is my only chance for a computer in a few weeks. I hope the G3 went all right and I wish I could have seen crankworx! Keep me updated on the race season, I might be able to get out to the Keystone Climax.

    When I get my computer I’ll send out emails to everyone with my new address.


  2. Rip Ripley says:

    My family and I have gotten to know Neil over the past two years as members of the Fix Family. He and my son Matt race together, ride together and generally just hang out. He is a wonderful young man, smart, confident and well spoken. He represents his team and his sport well and sets a great example for young riders. His parents and his country should be proud. He’s one of the best. RR

  3. Spencer says:

    Way to go Neil! I totally agree with the above comments.
    Best of luck to you with your endeavor!

    PS: Lee, I love your site, but there is one thing that I find super annoying. Hitting the back button after clicking on a thumbnail photo sends you clear back to the very top of the article. Not a huge deal, but I think it would really help the flow of your site if hitting “back” brought you back to where you left off…

  4. leelikesbikes says:

    Good point. Lemme look into that …

    Funny: I design these sorts of things for other people, but on my own site …

  5. Shirley Grigsby says:

    My husband’s father was killed during WWII in Okinawa. His name was Neil Grigsby. I had just decided to Google the name and discovered there was another Neil Grigsby who is quite an athlete. Congratulations on all your achievements and best of luck to you in the future.

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