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First of all, great site. Secondly, on my Enduro SL I often have a problem with my chain bouncing off the middle ring to the small ring when riding rough terrain. Also, sometimes when I shift from the middle ring to the small ring, the lower part of the chain bounces back up and gets stuck between the frame and big ring. Any suggestions and have you experienced this on your SL.



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Hey Mike,

These aren’t Enduro SL issues. They’re bike issues. No, I don’t have these problems on my SL.

1. When you descend, put your chain on the big ring and a middle cog. This tightens your chain so it’s less likely to take a vacation.

2. That’s called chain suck. Make sure your chain is clean and well lubed, so it won’t cling to the rings’ teeth. Make sure your rings are in good shape; severe wear or nicks can make the chain extra grabby.

3. If you’re riding the way your Enduro SL was designed to be ridden (BRAAAP!!!), you need some kind of chain guide.

Added after the first post:

4. Wrap your stays. Use an inner tube, some neoprene padding, anything to keep your chain from battering bare stay.

Enduro SL. Dual ring guide with the chain wedged onto the 36. Somewhere in the middle of a 11-34t cassette. Kestle Run Trail, Fruita, CO.

Go forth and braaap,

— Lee

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