After one skills session …

Our friend Keith, a Cat 1 XC racer with legs that were crushing but skills that were disappointing, has signed up for 20 hours of skills sessions.

In session #1 we covered the basics, laid down some baseline metrics (time trials!) and plucked some low-hanging fruit.

Keith raced the following weekend. Here’s what he said:


Raced a XC race this weekend and had great legs and some new mojo on the descents. I felt strong and confident to finish 2nd on a rippin’ course in Winter Park. I focused on staying low, keeping my feet level and making good turns. My very hard-earned gains on the climbs and road sections didn’t deteriorate on the descents and I even passed some people in tight singletrack. Lots of things came together, finally, but it felt fantastic to handle the bike with a bit more confidence!


Ride and race faster with very little effort: LLB Skills Clinics >>>


Great work! This is just the beginning, with lots more kung fu to come.

See you later today,


Know more. Have more fun!

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