27.2 mm adjustable seatpost?


I have been looking for an adjustable seatpost in a 27.2 for my Fisher X-Cal. I know that Gravity Dropper is a good one and is on the list, but I was also wondering if you had heard of the Kind Shock I7-R Remote-Adjust Seatpost? When you get a change let me know what you know about it/ think about it. I also wrote a little note to the people at Fox doing my best “please, please, please” for a 27.2 to be added to their prototypes of adjustable posts to come out for the 2012 year. No word on that yet, I guess I should have added one more please. Thanks for any information.


Hey Jeff,


Gravity Dropper: I’ve used my original-issue model extensively, and it’s a solid choice. It feels clunkier than the newer air/oil options, but it’s less likely to fail catastrophically.

Tip: Keep your Gravity Dropper clean. Once coarse dirt gets into the mechanism, it’s hard to balance the spring preload and mechanism actuation. I loaned my bike to a kid on a muddy day, and he hosed it upside down. That’s the last time my Gravity Dropper worked perfectly.

Kind Shock: I have not used a KS post, but I’ve only heard good things from riders, shop owners and racers. Brian Lopes runs a KS –and he is picky picky picky. I’m a fan of the infinite adjustability.

Influencing Fox: I think it’s hard to fit the hydraulics into a narrow seatpost. It wouldn’t hurt to include some burritos with those pleases.

Rip it,

— Lee

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  1. WAKi says:

    Mark Weir also uses the Gravity dropper (at 30.9 though) so it must be reliable, but Fox is going to buy this part of his soul now. I had some laugh from one of Fox press releases where some Fox PR lady said something more or less like that: “(…)Mark Weir will be testing one (seatpost) in coming months, you know – the worst conditions possible”

    I’m looking forward to buy something like KS next year so it’s good to hear that Brian likes it (Gravity Dropper is too ugly for my sense of aesthetics…). I feel the pressure as everyone seem to say that remotely adjustable seatpost did the same to trail riding what 5.10 shoes did to flat pedals.

  2. WAKi says:

    I wouldn’t doubt that even woken up in the middle of the night… I don’t know the guy, never met him unfortunately, but even if you show an absolute bike noobie, Wiers Nomad with a single 40T chainring he would get some idea of that guys heart output, back hardness and thigh size as if the fact that he must be no stranger to some great skills wouldn’t be enough… I admire him and other such allround guys like Rene Wildhaber above all I think.

  3. WAKi says:

    BTW, I am soon obtaining James Wilsons MTB training program with an AIM to be strong enough to ride my local trails only with 32t chainring by the beginning of next summer. I still need a granny ring now, even if it grown from 22 to 26T…

  4. Luke says:

    I’ve been using the X-Fusion Hilo 27.2 for the past 6 weeks in Colorado and I’ve been loving. It came down to the X-Fusion or the KS i7, and the deciding factor was availability.

  5. Bas says:

    The 27.2mm version of the KS actually has one of those piggyback reservoirs to deal with storing enough oil to allow the post to work. Heard lot’s of good stories about these, esp the second generation that’s coming out.

  6. steve says:

    I got the RASE Black Mamba in May and rode with it in, among others, the Firecracker 50. As 6’4″ rider the Black Mamba has made my rides faster and much safer – being able to fine tune seat height instantly on the fly is fantastic!
    I cannot say enough about the quality, finish and functionality – it’s near flawless and I LOVE it.
    Pricey yes – but it’ll last forever and it’s quality equipment.
    Really nice folks too and killer customer service.
    And… 27.2!!!

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