27.2 mm adjustable seatpost?


I have been looking for an adjustable seatpost in a 27.2 for my Fisher X-Cal. I know that Gravity Dropper is a good one and is on the list, but I was also wondering if you had heard of the Kind Shock I7-R Remote-Adjust Seatpost? When you get a change let me know what you know about it/ think about it. I also wrote a little note to the people at Fox doing my best “please, please, please” for a 27.2 to be added to their prototypes of adjustable posts to come out for the 2012 year. No word on that yet, I guess I should have added one more please. Thanks for any information.


Hey Jeff,


Gravity Dropper: I’ve used my original-issue model extensively, and it’s a solid choice. It feels clunkier than the newer air/oil options, but it’s less likely to fail catastrophically.

Tip: Keep your Gravity Dropper clean. Once coarse dirt gets into the mechanism, it’s hard to balance the spring preload and mechanism actuation. I loaned my bike to a kid on a muddy day, and he hosed it upside down. That’s the last time my Gravity Dropper worked perfectly.

Kind Shock: I have not used a KS post, but I’ve only heard good things from riders, shop owners and racers. Brian Lopes runs a KS –and he is picky picky picky. I’m a fan of the infinite adjustability.

Influencing Fox: I think it’s hard to fit the hydraulics into a narrow seatpost. It wouldn’t hurt to include some burritos with those pleases.

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