24-hour tips from Ariel Lindsley

Ariel races cross country, short track, Super D and marathon for Maverick American. He’s ridden 24-hour races solo and with teams. Here’s his team routine:

Before the race

Bring warm clothes — warmer than you think you’ll need. Even if it’s 60 degrees you’ll get cold just sitting around. Rock your biggest, warmest jacket.

Bring food you really like to eat.

Have someone to man the fire, tend the lawn chairs and stoke the hot chocolate. And drive home (thanks for the tip Wayne!).

Set up a trainer in the handoff area. Use a seatpost quick-release, so all of your team members can hop on and spin. Don’t be surprised if strangers give it a whirl.

During the race

Before your ride, put a Twinkie or something in your jacket pocket. Bring your jacket and your bike to the handoff area.

Check in with the officials and put your race bike on the rack.

Warm up on the trainer until your teammate arrives.

Rip it up!

As soon as you finish riding, put on your jacket and eat your Twinkie. On the way back to your pit you’ll end up chatting with all sorts of characters. The jacket and Twinkie will keep you happy while you tell your tales.

Get back to camp. Drink a hot drink. Eat. Change clothes.

Rest and digest. Ahh … so cozy.

Go back to the handoff area and warm up on the trainer.

Rip it up!