Estimating dirt quantities for dirt jumps


It has come to my attention that people often ask questions about dirt quantities for dirt jumps. I can come up with numbers for this. Basically it’s a routine that is used for civil engineering for building roads and such. It just needs to be applied for dirt jumps. I have been involved with one project thus far and have a second one coming up. If you want you can direct people my way.



Dave, right on.

Do you want to tell me the equation (I’ll give you credit of course), or do
you want people to ask you directly?


— Lee


Its a little more complicated than an “equation” It’s an earthwork calc’ in AutoCad, basically you design the jumps w/cadd create a 3d model than use that model to figure out the dirt required. There are other elements to consider- compaction percentages and such, but at least you can get estimates.


Dave, thanks!

Everyone else, here’s Dave’s email:

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