2003 Enduro suspension setup, Part Dos


Thanks again for the great response!!! (2006 or 2007 TALAS for 2003 Enduro?) Just one more ???, With the taller fork and the lower BB height, how will the bike ride/feel just riding more XC type of stuff?? will it result in slower steering?? should I flip the link to the higher BB height? or just dial the fork to 120mm???

Also the Psylo that came with the bike, I thought it was sold as a 5″ travel fork?? 1″=25.4mm x 5 = 127mm… Or was it really more of a 4-4.5″ fork?! 🙂

Thanks again!

Brian Froeber

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Hey Brian,

It’s a matter of personal taste. I like low/slack bikes. They’re a bit tricky on tech climbs and they take more work to heel into corners, but they hold lines like a divorcee grabbing a milf. 😉

With a TALAS up front, I say put the shock in the low BB setting and adjust with the fork. Down for climbing, up for braaaping.

Play around and see what you prefer. With that bike, it’s all good. The time is near to shut up and rip.

4.722” fork …

— Lee

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