Yeti 575 vs. AS-R 7?

GREAT site! Love it! If you have time for a quick question I would love your insight. Living in Texas good first hand information on mountain biking is no easy to find. =) I use to race moto x in the pro class for years just local with few national races nothing huge but I have experience on two wheels.

My cousin Chris Myers of Colorado Springs races DH etc he was sponsored by Brodie Bikes for a while.

MY QUESTION: I will be visiting him in Aug and do some riding. I’m 6’0 175lbs he told me to go ahead and plan on getting a the Yeti 575. I have seen the new Yeti ASR-7 I did read your article about the 575 vs the ASR. Do you have any insight on the AS-R 7 I e-mailed Yeti and they said it would be out July 2008. I found this article but would like your input:

James Robertson

Hey James,

– First of all, from where I’m sitting, racing pro moto at any level is a big deal. No question you know about speed and braaap.

– Second, I know Chris. He’s a super nice guy, and a heck of a rider. Any cousin of his …

And, finally, the bikes

575. Photos snagged from the Yeti site.

AS-R 7

Yeti 575 vs. ASR-7.

– They are different animals. The 575 is an all-around trail/all mountain bike that climbs as well as it descends. The AS-R 7 is a heavier duty all mountain/freeride rig that will climb OK but will truly shine in braaap mode.

– This decision is analogous to a Specialized Stumpjumper vs. an SX Trail. It’s a question of terrain and riding style.

– The 575 will serve most riders very well on a wide range of terrain (and can be ridden very hard/fast). The ASR-7 makes sense if you have big terrain and bigger ambitions.

– If you need a bike in August, I suggest grabbing a 575 now. I would not bet on that July delivery date.


— Lee

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  1. Todd says:


    How will the Yeti Seven compare with the Enduro and the Nomad? It seems that’s the market Yeti is after. For example, Yeti’s marketing shows the Seven with triple chain rings, an air shock and what appear to be XT brakes. By comparison, the SX Trail appears to have much burlier components (e.g., bash guard, chain guide, Avid Code, and coil shock).

    I’m wondering b/c I will probably be in the market for an Enduro-style bike in the next year and the Seven has been on my radar.


  2. leelikesbikes says:

    I’m guessing the Seven will target somewhere in the Enduro/Nomad/SX Trail range. The build kit will probably determine the exact niche.

  3. Josh says:

    While I agree with Lee that the Yeti ASR-7 is a full on braaap machine, the 575 is very capable animal. It can be built to handle the gnarliest of trails or be a climbing monster. I wouldn’t discount it for the gnar gnar stuff, with the appropriate build ie. big fork (160mm) and burly coil rear shock. Its a very capable frame especially with a burlier build and will climb better than it’s bigger brother.

  4. Chris says:

    Todd, put Giant’s Reign X on your radar. The frame is excellent and the ride quality is merely a matter of argument when compared to other quality rides like the Nomad and Enduro.

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