XC ride at Southridge Park

After my clinic with the InCycle guys last week, I took myself for a little spin. Southridge Park is in the middle of the Fontana, CA suburbs, but the trails are sweet!

Everything was dry and dusty, but the trails have a fun combo of cruisy, steep, fast, slow, flowy and rocky. All within plain sight of houses. The best trails are the ones you actually get to ride!

As always, I ripped through the best sections without taking photos. These will have to do:

I did a fair amount of dust-swimming. With a bit of rain, these trails would be inSANE. In a good way.

As long as you’re focused on the trail, you could be anywhere. But the view: It’s pure SoCal suburbia.

This smooth, sinuous singletrack was part of the national XC course. I parked on the other side of the hill, behind that water tank.

The 2007 Specialized Enduro SL climbed fine and let me attack the downhills as if a timer was running. The blurry dual-ring guide is still top secret. Stay tuned …

Random travels

Grrr. Just north of the …

… Golden Gate Bridge.

Rufus LOVES road trips. We camped on the beach near Santa Barbara, and he awoke refreshed.

Lee: “Rufus, I love you so much. You’re my special little boy.” Rufus: “Yeah whatever. Let’s SWIM!”
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