XC ride at Southridge Park

After my clinic with the InCycle guys last week, I took myself for a little spin. Southridge Park is in the middle of the Fontana, CA suburbs, but the trails are sweet!

Everything was dry and dusty, but the trails have a fun combo of cruisy, steep, fast, slow, flowy and rocky. All within plain sight of houses. The best trails are the ones you actually get to ride!

As always, I ripped through the best sections without taking photos. These will have to do:

I did a fair amount of dust-swimming. With a bit of rain, these trails would be inSANE. In a good way.

As long as you’re focused on the trail, you could be anywhere. But the view: It’s pure SoCal suburbia.

This smooth, sinuous singletrack was part of the national XC course. I parked on the other side of the hill, behind that water tank.

The 2007 Specialized Enduro SL climbed fine and let me attack the downhills as if a timer was running. The blurry dual-ring guide is still top secret. Stay tuned …

Random travels

Grrr. Just north of the …

… Golden Gate Bridge.

Rufus LOVES road trips. We camped on the beach near Santa Barbara, and he awoke refreshed.

Lee: “Rufus, I love you so much. You’re my special little boy.” Rufus: “Yeah whatever. Let’s SWIM!”
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  1. ed says:

    Hey I just stumbled on to your site. Way cool.

    Questions @ 07 enduro SL for FL riders.

    I live inTampa FL. Not many big down hills here. I’ve demoed a bunch of bikes originally looking for a new XC Full Susp. ride. The Stumpjumper fsr is/was/still may be the winner.

    The bike shop guy pulled out the Enduro 06 or 05 I reluctantly took it around the parking lot & wow! I still can’t get over how cool it felt, way better than the prophet.

    Anyway like I said I am in Tampa, 42, big boy 6 -1 250 lbs not looking to do any 8ft drops but just to ride mainly twisty relatively flat trails through the woods.

    Do you think the 07 enduro’s fun factor would wear off if my average ride was twisty flat single track 15 miles +?

    If you know a specialized rep I could speak that would be great.

    Thanks Ed

  2. leelikesbikes says:

    Hey Scott. No thanks. Not everything in my life is perfect, but it’s heading the way I want it to.

    See what you want. Make it happen.

  3. leelikesbikes says:


    It all comes down to riding style. If you lived near mountains, I’d ask whether you want to optimize for the climbs or the decents. In Florida I’ll ask you how aggressive you want to be.

    Stumpy: Cover lots of ground really efficiently; have fun everywhere. Carry a steady effort level the whole way.

    Enduro: Get around very well, but really attack the corners and tech sections. You might cruise the little climbs then sprint into the fun parts.

    It really comes down to personal preference. There are times I swear my Stumpy is the best bike; there are time I swear my Enduro is best. Overall, I’m an Enduro person, but I live in the mountains.

    I’d guess that, overall, a Stumpy is your ticket.

  4. Lance says:

    I noticed the Fox front suspension on the Enduro shown above. What fork is that, how’s the ride, and how much weight did it shave? i’m riding an 07 Enduro SL Pro. It’s stock except for MonkeyLite carbon bars and pedals or course. We have wicked climbs here in the desert area of CA and just as wicked decents. I’m looking for ways to lighten the Enduro – I’m chasing guys on 4″ inch bikes up the trails. It’s 29.5lbs now. Thanks.

  5. leelikesbikes says:

    – It’s a FOX 36 FLOAT.

    – It is heavier than the Specialized E150.

    – It is more plush but way less pedaling-efficient than the E150.

    Do not change your fork. Start with tires. If you’re still Jonesing, get lighter wheels.

    Accept that the “extra” weight on your SL is slowing you down an insignificant amount. (A full Camelbak makes more difference.) Climb smoothly, and rip those descents!

  6. Lance says:

    Thanks for the quick info. I am running the S-works Eskar 2.3 with tubes at 30lbs pressure and seem to like them. What wheelset would you recommend.

    Also, ever get out to the goat trails in Palm Springs?

  7. leelikesbikes says:

    Great tires; I’m using the Armadillo version here in CO. Run the stock wheels. The rims are custom made for that bike.

    No, not yet.

  8. Lance says:

    One more. I’m considering going to a Moment frame. Think it will climb as well as the Enduro? I am impressed with the technical climbing ability of the Enduro. Suspension has been disappointing. Hope the 08 stuff is better.

  9. Lance says:

    Lee, how does running the RP23 and Float 36 change the geometery on the Enduro SL? Is it noticable? Thanks!

  10. leelikesbikes says:

    The FOX 36 is taller than the Specialized E150. The bike is noticeably slacker.

    My RP23 has the stock dimensions.

  11. Lance says:

    I’m currently on the medium so the 36 has nearly a .75″ taller axle to crown height than the stock 150. On a large SL the axle to crown difference is almost negligable the 36 is like .25″ taller.

  12. Lance says:

    By gauging your seat height in the photo above it looks like you’re on a large? I am demo’ing a large right now (it’s in my garage) so I have been comparing the two closely. I’m 5′ 11″. About how tall are you? Sorry for all the questions. Just trying to get fitted on to the best bike. Thanks!

  13. Tom says:

    I really like the enduro, demoed it, and i can get a good deal but im not sure i like the dual crown forks, even if they perform great, i noticed your obviously running a Fox float 36, does the bike ride better? why did you chose that fork over the E150?

    I think ill just by the bike and decide later!!

  14. leelikesbikes says:

    The FOX isn’t better. It’s different.

    I run FOX because I couldn’t get the Specialized fork and shock. I love the bike, but it’s not as efficient as it would be with the stock suspension.

    The E150 is the perfect fork for the Enduro SL.

    Rock it.

  15. Tom says:

    Hi, Ive got an Enduro SL expert 08 model, its great but i have upgraded the fork to a Fox Talas R which is lighter, more nimble and still has the lock down feature which is so great in the climbs. Ive spent a lot of time on both forks, and i have to say i do prefer the Fox, Same geometries but better in the turns.

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