Prescott, AZ moto with Mr. Keene

This year my boy Curtis Keene fell in love and moved from Norcal to Prescott, AZ. That’s bad news for Bay Area women, but great news for Curtis. The fastest ex-electrician from Fremont now lives among endless mountains and infinite trails.

We parked four miles from his house and rode up a rutted, water-barred dirt road. Every time we saw a trail, we took it. Miles of tight, rocky, steep love: up, down, around and back. Wide open, first gear, flowy, sketchy: great stuff.

Why is Curtis smiling? 1. He’s riding moto on cool trails with a cool dude. 2. He just ate a candy bar.

Some trails ripped along the ridgetops …

… while others flitted through the forests.

Curtis is one of the fastest American downhillers, and he rides his CRF250R like a Demo 8. BRAAAP!

This a dentist’s office in Prescott Valley. Hey kids, let’s go to the dentist. “YAY!”

Rufus loves the Sportsmobile.