Why is it harder to climb with a lowered fork?

Hey Lee,

Why does it feel harder to pedal with a FOX TALAS fork in “shorter” mode while climbing? For example you’re chugging along, climbing your favorite moderate to steep (insert appropriate grade % here) fire road, you drop the fork, and it gets NOTICEABLY harder to pedal.

This one appears to have some debate around it. Physics and some good Lee Likes Bikes diagram kung fu should be able to kill it. What’s your take? Has anyone tested whether it’s perceived or real?


Hey Mark,

That’s an interesting question. Perhaps:

• When you drop your fork the hill tends to be steep and you tend to be miserable. I’m sure you’ve already factored this in.

• You are steepening your seat tube angle, which changes your pedaling dynamics. A couple degrees is a big change!

• With some suspension designs, lowering the front end changes the chain’s “pulling” angle and messes up the kinematics. The suspension might open up or squat with each power stroke. Sorry, no time for diagrams today. Which bike are you on?

Rip it (in long travel mode)!


Know more. Have more fun!

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