Which size Trance?

Hey Lee,
Thanks for all the support & efort you put in to the sport. I am looking at the new Giant Trance x1, and fall between the medium and large frame size (I’m 6′ tall with a 32″ inseam). What are the pros and cons of going either way. I ride xc, but enjoy the tech and down more than the up.
Thanks again, Daniel

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Hey Daniel,

You can go either way on this one. But you know I like to analyze things …

At 6 feet tall with a 32-inch inseam, you have relatively short legs and a relatively long torso. Because modern bikes have plenty of standover height, we don’t need to worry about the length of your seat tube. I suggest fitting your bike to your upper body.

Assuming you can strandle it without endangering your manhood, I say run the large. The top tube is about 3/4″ longer than the medium. This will give you a nice, neutral position with a short stem. Given the same top tube + stem length, short stems handle better than long stems. For trail riding, give me a really long top tube and a 50mm stem.


— Lee

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